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Details and materials

Run from size XS to XXL

No color limit

Pricing depends on number of units ordered

Flat rate artwork charge of $75 (additional)

We are excited to bring you Heave Custom to you give creative control on your clothing design. You can create without limits, adding color, text and pattern or we take your design ideas and bring them to life.

Heave Customs are made in-house at our own production facility with the latest production technologies. This includes 3D CAD design, digital sublimation printing, automatic ceramic blade cutting and seamless ultrasonic cutting. Our sole aim is making sure you love your kit. We do not use standard design templates that leave you looking like so many other clubs.

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Every piece of artwork we produce is created from scratch to your requirement. Our team can advise you on the finer details of your design and will make sure that your graphics and logos are laid out just as you want them to be with sharp, correctly positioned design elements and accurate color matching. 

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