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Heave is a tribute name to those who do not settle comfortably in life. By taking risk you afraid of, getting away from the routine, you will always end up being stronger, humbler and overall a better version of yourself.

Heave Fitness was born in 2017. A Franco-American Colab that gave life to a positive, authentic and unifying adventure in textile manufacturing. A month later, a first prototype was made in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Heave believes in the know-how, wants to dare and create functional clothing, while keeping the same enthusiasm as in the first days. We also want to honor and incentivize textile industries that have been overlooked/replaced, such as the ones in Colombia,  and the U.S. Today, we want to honor states such as  North Carolina, which has long inhabited the largest textile industry in the United States.

We are a local fitness brand and we are convinced that in the United States, we can take initiatives, create, manufacture and succeed.

We feel there is huge importance in having a young, relatable and exciting company passionate about making the best products - enhancing the manufacturing process, extending the life cycle of the garments, creating timeless and resolutely functional pieces.

Heave Fitness is about sharing inspirations and life moments. This adventure has been an amazing experience. We have developed skills we did not imagine being capable of, found help from people we just met, failed and tried again.


We learned that is about getting out of our comfort-zone, like the wood-pile story we want to leave it higher than we find it.

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